Enumerating sharepoint site templates

You can run stsadm -o enumtemplates
If you've added a template to the Sharepoint Portal Server Template Gallery you'll notice that these template are not listed when using stsadm.
Stsadm will not list stp templates or the default templates either so I'll list them here with Title and Name:

Team Site, STS#0
Blank Site, STS#1
Document Workspace, STS#2
Basic Meeting Workspace, MPS#0
Blank Meeting Workspace, MPS#1
Decision Meeting Workspace, MPS#2
Social Meeting Workspace, MPS#3
Multipage Meeting Workspace, MPS#4
Business Activity Services Team Site, BAS#0
SharePoint Portal Server Site, SPS#0
SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space, SPSPERS#0
SharePoint Portal Server My Site, SPSMSITE#0
Contents area Template, SPSTOC#0
Topic area template, SPSTOPIC#0
News area template, SPSNEWS#0
News Home area template, SPSNHOME#0
Site Directory area template, SPSSITES#0
SharePoint Portal Server BucketWeb Template, SPSBWEB#0
Community area template, SPSCOMMU#0


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