An error occurred while parsing EntityName

An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 11, position 65. RSSRipper.wsp: The Solution installation failed.
I racked my brain over the above error for a couple of hours (OK maybe 30mins) until I realized the elements.xml file in my solution had an unescaped ampersand.

Fix: Change & for &


  1. u dont allow israel ip in u r website
    you low life of a person.
    try living with missile falling non stop from the sky for 8 years and then i want to hear what u think.

  2. Actually I'm only redirecting hebrew browsers to an information site.

    I tell you what, you get the Isreali government to only use stones and home made Katusha rockets and I'll remove the hebrew browser check.

    Just incase you're interested here's an Israeli IP ban list http://stopisraelicrimes.googlepages.com/boycottisrael.peerguardian.txt

    Oh and thanks for letting me know it works.