SharePoint 2010 beta first impressions.

Maybe it's my scifi interest, but I think SPF 2010 & SPS 2010 roll off the tongue nicer than WSSv3 & MOSS 2007.

    The email Microsoft sent me contained product keys for 2 versions:
  1. SharePoint Server for Internet Sites 2010

  2. SharePoint Server 2010

    My setup is all x64:
  1. VMWare Guess with 2.4GB RAM/ 80GB HDD

  2. Win2008R2 SE

  3. SQL 2008 + SP1

  4. SharePoint Server for Internet Sites 2010

After installing Win2008 and SQL2008, I launched the SP installer.

The package extracts and you're presented with an SQL2005 type menu with Prepare/Install/Other Info. I skipped the reading and went directly to "Install SharePoint Server" and it failed because IIS 6 Compatibility Prerequisite was missing.

This time I clicked "Install Software Prerequisites" and it installed quite a few more things.

Back to "Install SharePoint Server" and after a while it failed again:

Google'd KB970315, downloaded and installed the Hotfix.

Away we go again.

A few new things...

  • the setup asks for a pass phrase to secure the farm.

  • there's now a Wizard option to guide you through the Services configuration.

I select all options bar "Lotus Notes Connector"... enter a new account, and after a couple minutes the first error:

Errors occured.

The service application proxy "User Profile Service Application" could not be provisioned because of the following error: Unrecognized attribute 'allowInsecureTransport'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive. (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\WebClients\Profile\client.config line 56)

Corelation Id: 95684294-0888-46dd-8242-df5860c5188e

Central Administration, its all new and it has pretty icons like a Control Panel.

Let's add some user accounts and start using it... the Shared Service Provider doesn't seem to exist anymore and in its place is the much more logical Service Applications Management screen.

User Profile Service Application is my guess for adding users.

I guess this was the error being reported before... I google'd "95684294-0888-46dd-8242-df5860c5188e", nothing, then tried "allowInsecureTransport" which lead me to MSDN Forum after reading through it I
tried replacing the attribute with enableUnsecuredResponse, that didn't work... I noticed other security nodes didn't have this attribute so I commented them all out and it worked after an IISReset.

More new things...

  • Review problems and solutions

  • JQuery type popups/functions everywhere

  • Ribbon menus everywhere

  • Theme Gallery; Now themes are CAB files with an .thmx extension

  • Solution Gallery with upload, woohoo... I guess you'll have to be more vigilant with assigning Site Collection Admins :)... browse Office.com uses Silverlight

  • SharePoint Designer Settings, now I don't have to blanket disable SPD access!

All in all SharePoint 2010 is more logically laid out and has a refreshing dynamic look.

I'll delve in to SP2010 more in the future.


  1. Hi,
    Great job for the User Profile Service Application, it was usefull to me, now my "mysites hosting website" is working, thanks a lot!

  2. Great News!
    Thank you for great news. I think it is very useful for students