SharePoint Copy list item to multiple sites - Feature

There doesn't seem to be any OOTB solution to copy list items to > 1 other site... so I wrote a quick aspx page and added it to a feature/solution which I would like to share with you.

The APX page just loops through the Web collection and checks for the list and if it's available enables a checkbox so you can copy the item.

The feature adds a context menu to a list item with a link to the page.

There's nothing compiled so it's easy to edit (just open the solution file).

Feature link: Download

To Do: Optimize sorting DataView/DataTable, add Doc Library support, add a FeatureActivated/Deactivated to add ASPX page to sitemap, add option to create list if it doesn't exist and change to a dll/code behind.

Keywords: SPGridView, SPList, SPListItem, Copy, Add, Deploy, Feature, context menu.

Notes: I haven't tested this in a production environment



  1. Hey Ray!

    Where can I get your theme?


  2. How do I edit the source?

  3. To edit the source you can either install the Feature and edit ~/layouts/deployItem.aspx

    or extract the solution and edit.

  4. Hey Ray!

    have you considered creating a CodePlex project?